Everything You Need To Know About Black Friday 2016




With just a few days to go, people in the US will be gearing up for the biggest sale of the year. That’s right, Black Friday is almost upon us and the deals are only getting better. From chocolates to power drills and everything in between, Black Friday is the day to get your hands on everything you need, either for yourself or as gifts during the holiday season. So, what is it that makes Black Friday one of the biggest shopping festivals in the world? Let’s find out.

Advertising Is a Must

In the US, retail outlets go all out to attract the biggest crowds in order to get the biggest profits. But taking potential customers and converting them into hardcore buyers takes a lot of advertising. Whether its newspaper ads or giant billboards on the freeway, these companies ensure that their name is the first and last thing on their customer's minds. Some of the biggest published advertisements this Black Friday have come from:

  • Amazon
  • JC Penny
  • KOHLs
  • Sams Club
  • Dell
  • Costco

 Some of the other published Ad Scans have come from:

  • Staples
  • HP
  • Walgreens
  • Sears
  • CVS
  • Verizon
  • Nikon

And many more.

While these ads have been capturing the people's attention, other companies have been sending out catalogs this year. Retail chains like Walmart, Macy’s, JC Penny, Kmart, ToysRUs, Target, Lego, Hallmark, and Costco have been getting the physical copies of their catalogs out to the customers so that they can have a closer and more in-depth look at what is available this holiday season. Amazon, Best Buy, and Office Depot are added to the list as the most popular ads this season.

One of the most awaited reasons for Black Friday is the fact that people can actually get the best deals on their favorite electronic goods. Smartphones, laptops, TV’s, gaming consoles, and PC’s are the most sold items during this maddening shopping bonanza, but picking out the best (product and outlet) can be another difficult choice to make. Let us help you out.


Looking to own the latest iPhone 7 Plus? How about the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge? If you are a fan of tech, these devices would have tickled your taste buds but could leave you wanting more because of their rather extravagant price tags. Black Friday is here to save the day. Amazon is, with no doubt, the biggest shopping stores in the world and the deals they offer during this season are yet to be matched. With their “Lightning Deals”, people can actually own their dream product for a ridiculously low price.

Laptops and PC’s

When you think cheap computers, there is only one name that perfectly matches it – Newegg. This megastore offers everything from the humble USB cable to the magnificent iMac. During this week, though, things will get a little “intense” as they too will be participating in the festivities. So, if you are out to buy a new gaming laptop, Newegg is definitely your “go-to” destination.


Who hasn’t heard of Target, am I right? Well, if you haven't, you really don’t need a new television or you’re content with that old, box-type, blurry idiot box in your living room. If you are interested in the new UHD 4K curved TV from Samsung, Target should be your target (sorry for the cheesy line). They definitely offer the best deals in electronics and have grown into one of the biggest stores in the US. Another great store is Best Buy as they too offer very valuable deals that make it easier to own the latest in electronic goods.

Gaming Consoles

Are you a parent concerned about the kind of present you would put under the Christmas tree this year for your children? How about a great new Play Station? Or an Xbox? The latest gaming consoles are available at Walmart for unbelievable prices this Black Friday and could make your children very happy. So, go ahead and share the joy of giving this holiday season.

Kick start your Christmas season with some of the best deals in the country this year. Shopping has always been considered a “waste of money” (at least by the men in the family), but Black Friday brings about a change in their perspective and in the bargain, helps them save a lot. It helps everyone save a lot actually.